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Millennials struggle to purchase an EV, not because they’re lacking interest or deterred by the price, but due to the car industry steering them back to fuel cars at every turn. In dealerships, salesmen lack knowledge on EVs compared to fuel cars, making it harder for millennials to buy electric.  


Often, dealerships are Millennials’ last resort. On average, they spend 17.6 hours searching online for cars. With so much contradictory and personally irrelevant information available, they become confused and bored. Consequently, impatience grows with 38% of millennials purchasing a car on their first dealership visit.  


By positioning MG as the most knowledgeable EV brand for the first-time electric buyer.  

MG applies superior EV knowledge, but like no other competitor. They understand what everyday drivers really want to know, what matters to them, and offer entire customised EV experiences providing personalised knowledge for every journey from ICE to EV.  

MG is pre-emptive and responsive, revolutionising not only how we drive but how we buy. MG will become the trusted go-to brand for EV knowledge, simplifying the car buying process for everyday drivers.


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