Graduate showcase 22
21-26 May, Falmouth Woodlane campus
Our graduate degree exhibition this year took place on Falmouth University's Woodlane campus. It was a week-long celebration of scamps.

What is a scamp? A scamp is a sketch, a rough, a hand-drawn image of an idea. It facilitates #nofilter creative discussion between people, free from the distractions of software, or anxieties about quality.

We love scamps precisely for the same reasons we love the internet - they are totally democratic and DIY. Anyone can create a scamp. No drawing skills required. No special materials. Napkins, post-its, receipts, ticket stubs, loo roll, you can scamp on literally anything.

The only thing that matters is having ideas. Advertising is about solving problems with ideas.

7 briefs for 7 days of scampland

For the duration of the show, we invited visitors both on site and online to contribute their scamps to our exhibition space based on briefs we provided. We supplied paper and sharpies and the response we had was incredible!

Draw your own scamps at our on-campus exhibition at Falmouth University with Suki (left) at Falmouth University. Or if you can't join us in person, use this free tool to create your scamps digitally.

Create a scamp for an ad that will: 
1) Dramatise the benefits of using Febreze for foodies.
2) Persuade people to grow their own fruit and veg (Sutton Seeds)
3) Bring to life the fact that Meridian peanut butter has no palm oil in it.
4) Convince people not to feed the seagulls.
5) Help people get the most out of frozen food with better freezer etiquette.
6) Get people to choose Premier Inn over any other hotel chain
7) Persuade tourists to try local things via Airbnb Experiences

Share your scamps to our living Instagram showcase by posting your scamp and tagging @falmouthadvertising and using the hashtag #SCAMPLAND OR sending us a cheeky DM. The more people post, the more ideas we will be able to enjoy, so get tagging people! 

You can find our creative advertising course here.